GALLERY CA is a contemporary arts space devoted to showcasing residents, local, regional, national and international artists. The gallery also serves as an agent for community engagement by offering regular programming and creating sustainable partnerships with local arts institutions and community organizations. GALLERY CA is located on the ground floor of the City Arts building, which houses 69 artist live/work spaces.



Quentin Gibeau, Gallery Manager
Quentin has been involved with Gallery CA since 2012 as collaborator of “Uh-Oh: A Whoop Dee Doo Thing." Gibeau is a 2011 graduate of the MFA in Community Art program at MICA and has worked as a community based artist and educator in Baltimore since.  Since then, Gibeau has worked with area non-profits such as Clayworks, The Club At Collington Square, and Access Art. Gibeau has also co-curated the Protest Through Art exhibition at Brick Haus Art Space in 2012, and has exhibited in both Cincinnati, Ohio, and Baltimore. Primarily a muralist and illustrator, you can find Gibeau's murals on the Oliver Street side of Collington Square Elementary, at Marlborough Community Apartments, and at the Club at Collington Square.