Kelli Williams


Kelli Williams is a visual artist who works primarily in the photographic medium. She is an alumnus of Morgan State University, where she majored in Fine Art with a concentration in photography. She is the Co-founder of Rift Studio formally located in the Station North Arts District that opened Summer 2012. Kelli also has a strong background and passion for community arts. She has been working with community since the age of 15. Currently working at Morgan State University, she is able to work on projects with the student body, local community centers, and local primary schools. She has taught photography/ animation to 5th graders and middle to high school students.

 While focusing primarily on social media and popular culture, Kelli is able to create a unique point of view where she uses satire to make a statement. Though Kelli works primarily in the photographic medium she also uses sound, stop-motion animation, mixed media, and installation to further illustrate her messages in her series.