Stories in Small Spaces:

A Call and Response Project Created By
Photographer Bonnie J. Schupp and Song and Story Alchemist ellen cherry

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 19, 2019, at 6-8 PM.

A little over a year ago, Photographer Bonnie J. Schupp and Songwriter ellen cherry (lowercase letters, intentional) began work on a collaboration that has resulted in 30 images and accompanying text, lyrics and music, all centered around the idea of “small” spaces.

Through art and stories, we seek to make sense of the world. We find connection to others by revealing universal themes and common ground. We also build a bridge to understanding ourselves and our place in the world by revealing subtle layers. Lyrics and music invite us to examine emotional connections. Stories in Small Spaces filters out the noise that bombards us and asks us to pay attention to a single moment. No image in this exhibit features a human form and this absence is intentional--viewers can become participants through their own imagination.

ellen cherry is a Song and Story Alchemist who frequently indulges her imagination and enthusiastically pursues collaboration with Baltimore’s diverse community of visual and performing artists. Through movement, music, and dialogue, her next project will explore her recovery from a serious car wreck. Once a year, she swims a long distance across some body of open water.
Bonnie Schupp has been photographing her world since 1950. Her photos and writing appear in publications around the world and she has received many awards, and her most challenging and rewarding photos were those she took as she gave birth to her daughter.

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