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LabBodies presents: Borders, Boundaries, and Barricades

Dates: June 22nd - July 4th 

Locations: Gallery CA, La Bodega Gallery, and LabBodies (Copycat B401)

Borders, Boundaries, and Barricades, is a two week long performance art review highlighting the performance art community in Baltimore.The festival will feature works from emerging to mid-career artists based in Baltimore 


Waqia Abdul-Kareem, Eames Armstrong, BFLY, Esther Baker-Tarpaga,  Erick Benitez, Jacob Budenz, Alanna Clarke,  Bobby English, Hoesy Corona, Shola Cole, Alexander D’Agostino, Laure Drougal, Isa Leal, Leila Khoury, Kristin Nicole McWharter, Emilia Pennanen, Ada Pinkston, Paul Short, Marcel Mandeng, Sophia Mak, Noelle Tolbert, Lucia Treasure

Programing will include scheduled performances, interactive installations, artist talks, and a panel discussion. 

About Borders, Boundaries, and Barricades

The three week long festival will examine the concept of borders, visible/invisible lines that separate two or more political or geographic areas. A border is an edge, a limitation, a boundary. They may be real/imagined; internal/external; self/other; life/ death; of the city/state. Borders  both bring us together as well as define our wounds. 

Despite the complexity of the bonds and wounds that borders create, we often find ourselves working with or against them in our everyday interactions as they strictly monitor and circumscribe our human movements

About LabBodies

LabBodies is a performance art laboratory based in Baltimore Maryland that provides a format for artists working in the arena of performance art to exhibit their work, with the primary values of collaboration, experimentation, and interaction. LabBodies has been commissioned by Artscape (2015), The Baltimore Museum of Art (2014), Bromo Arts District (2014) and Transmodern Performance Festival (2014) to create ephemeral happenings that engages audiences with our signature interactive time-based works. 

The Vision of LabBodies is to establish Baltimore as a location where regional, national and international performance artists live and work through: ongoing series of performance art events, performance artist residencies and a new series of performance art festivals. To date, LabBodies has showcased over 50 local, regional, national and international performance artists. The Laboratory was founded in 2014 and is under the direction of Dr. H. Corona and Dr. A. Pinkston.

At Gallery CA

Monday June 22nd 

Women on the Borders

Performances by:
Allana Clarke 
Olushola Cole 
Virginia Warwick 

Conversation piece with:
Sheila Gaskin
Valeska Populoh
Isa Leal
Carly J Bales

Tuesday June 23rd

Supernatural Boundaries

Performances by:

Laure Drogoul 
Noelle Tolbert
Madeline Joan
Christine Ferrera
Emilia Pennanen 

Wednesday June 24th

Racial Margins

Performances by:
Waqia Abdul-Kareem
Marcelline Mandeng
Sophia Mak
Abdu Ali
Fahimeh Vahdat 

Thursday June 25th

Expressions Suppressed

Performances By:
Paul Shortt
Alexander D’Agostino
Isa Leal

Friday June 26th

Border Busting

Curated by: Kristin McWharter 
Performances BY:
Esther Baker-Tarpaga
Ren Pepitone
Bobby English Jr 
Theresa Columbus

Saturday June 27th


Curated by: Jacob Budenz
Performances by:
Lucia and Thomas Treasure 
Eames Armstrong
Antibody Corporation
Alexander D’Agostino
Jake and Alex Budenz

Sunday June 28th

Not From Here Not From There

Performance by:

Leila Khoury and Erick Benitez 

Erick Antonio Benitez is Salvadorian-American visual artist based in Baltimore MD. After recieving a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Benitez has been actively exhibiting work ranging from painting, sculpture/installation, video, sound & performance art in the DC/Baltimore area. Benitez is also the co-founder of La Bodega Gallery & Bodega artist studios residing in the copycat building located in station north arts district.