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Poets for Dinner

A monthly event that every 3rd Sunday brings you communication, communion, community, great food, great entertainment, and free hugs. What more could you possibly need in a venue?

You don't have to be a poet or even like poetry to come and enjoy a great home-cooked and FREE meal among like minded people. It's about coming together and communing through the best way I can think of, food & expression. So if you sing, dance, do poetry, paint, play instruments, do monologues, scream randomly, rant or whatever you do in good conscience, you are welcomed!!!! The title came because I'm a poet and I'm hosting the dinner. And our amazing multifaceted co-host @Najah Schorre Bayyan dabbles into some great poetry too... :-)

And yes, you read that correctly, it's absolutely FREE!
*******Thanks to our sponsors Family Empowerment Services & Dreams Citadel Production.*******